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Ashley Sargent

Technical Project Manager, WordPress Developer, 508 Compliance Specialist, Web Designer, SEO Specialist at Radiant IT Consulting

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I started working with digital media, graphic design and writing for the web over twelve years ago. After years of working on different projects as a web/graphic designer, WordPress developer, content writer/editor and social media strategist I transitioned to a more big picture role as an IT Project Manager, which allowed me to bring together years of various different accrued skills and mold them into a polished skill-set.

Overall, I have accrued five years of experience managing the design and development of web applications, six years designing media & print content, and over ten years of experience designing, delivering and marketing web-based content for international development, health, and government, among other industries. In my spare time, I spend time staying abreast of current and emerging technologies for social media, search engine optimization, content management and usability strategy as well as writing for a variety of “fun” blogs and websites.

I currently am contracting out as a IT consultant to select clients in the areas of:

WordPress Development, Systems Administration, 508 Compliance, Training, Social Media, Business Development, Proposal Management, Technical Support, Content Development, Management & Creation, Website Design, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Strategy, Project Management Usability and QA Strategy and much more..

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