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Tiffany Smith

Designer | Storyteller | Printmaker at Stubborn Press & Company

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I want to tell your story because you and I both know it’s totally worth telling. Looking to brand yourself for the first time? Wanting to breathe new life into your current identity? Need to compliment what you have with compelling visuals in print? Looking to reach customers through an amazing online experience?

Let’s do this.

I’m all about communicating ideas with beautiful simplicity and effective clarity. I have over 10 years’ experience in helping small businesses find their identity, designing beautiful printed pieces, carefully crafting user experiences across ever-changing platforms, and coding up inviting minimalist websites.

With a particular passion for texture and a love of color, it’s my goal to create design pieces for every need. I’m a minimalist in terms of aesthetic, and I take my inspiration from nature and the history of typography. I am just as comfortable working with printed media such as business stationery, magazine layouts, advertisements, brochures, and books as I am working in HTML/CSS, WordPress, responsive web design across all media devices, UI/UX design for apps, and email campaigns.

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