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Spencer Brooks

Owner & Lead Drupal Developer at Brooks Digital

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Hi there!

My name is Spencer, and I work with a small team of 2-3 expert Drupal developers in the Portland, Oregon area to build and maintain really great web sites.

My company, Brooks Digital, provides ongoing Drupal development and maintenance services for a handful of long-term clients. If you’d like help maintaining, upgrading, or transitioning to a Drupal site, we’d be happy to take care of you.

As the owner and lead developer, I have significant (5+ years) experience with contract Drupal 6-7 development, including extensive custom module work, REST API integrations, responsive theming, and more. My business was built organically out of my freelance career when I found myself being approached with more work than I could handle alone. I have taken the same commitment, service, and dedication to my clients that aided my early success and founded Brooks Digital on those principles.

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