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Shawn A Kumar

Product Owner at atEvent

Gmt 8

Technology is a passion that motivates me in many aspects of my life and I am keenly fascinated by the quickly evolving landscape. I am continuously learning new things at work and on my own and love the challenge of new technologies. I love to see a product develop from an idea into MVP and evolve into a mature product that users enjoy. I also have a passion for new experiences and challenges, which is reflected in my international background; I have traveled to about 55 countries and I am always trying to learn from other cultures.

In graduate school, I specialized in technology across cultures and I spoke in the Philippines at a worldwide university conference on my master’s thesis topic of outsourcing to India. I have been in many roles, including web development, QA, support, project management, product management and technical training. Every position in my varied career has been an adventure and a chance for me to evolve and grow. The companies I have worked for have been dynamic and I usually serve several roles depending on where the demand and my curiosity lies.

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