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I start each project with a question, “What do I want the audience to feel?”

Do I want them to feel delight and joy, enticing them to nurture, encourage and celebrate who they are and the world around them? Do I want them to feel suspense and curiosity, beckoning them to explore, discover and learn, uncovering a new passion? Do I want them to feel motivated and inspired, contributors to a greater cause, compelled to solve some of mankind’s most persistent problems?

Then I begin to craft a product, placing value on experience, testing, analyzing, refining and perfecting.

Enhance the interactions between user and product, focusing on usability through a HCD approach.

Conceptualizing high-level design concepts ensuring adherence to the core ideas through the design process.

Analyzing, testing, and addressing the needs, wants, and limitations of end users of a product, service or process.

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