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Noah Labhart

Owner, Founder at Touchtap

Gmt 6

A little about me…

Noah has a passion for architecting solutions. Having worked in numerous IT and Lead developer over the past 10 years, he has obtained tremendous experience in small to large scale organizations and implementations – from multiple web applications to utilities and mobile apps (native iOS and Android). He has furthered his passion by designing and developing mobile solutions to really impact the world, applying development best practices and methodologies. When he’s not being a geek or reading old calculus books, he can be found chasing after his beautiful bride, being chased by his kids or enjoying a good latte and playing his guitar(s).

Why I love what I do…

Multiple elements fuel my passion for what I do: the intersection of the left and right brain, technology meets creativity, engineering meets art – the balance between structure and a free spirit. But more than what it does for me, I enjoy seeing lives impacted by creative technology and elegant solutions.

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