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Lenora Porter

User Experience Designer at Fynd Technologies

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Lenora is currently a User Experience Designer who works at Fynd Technologies, Inc. in Hollywood, FL. She is a graduate of Miami’s Wyncode Academy and holds a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Florida. Lenora’s unique journey into tech started with a dare, a few bucks and dedication! Breaking into tech without a computer science degree isn’t easy. But with her natural artistic talent, she was able to find her true voice through her creativity as a designer and developer.

Even though Lenora attended Miami’s Wyncode Academy, she quickly realized her slim chances in the South Florida Tech Market. During her interviews, many companies expressed their concern with her 9-week coding experience. Lenora’s hobbies ranged from oil painting, graphic design, and charcoal drawing. She knew if she relied on those natural talents, she could possibly land a tech position where she could provide creative direction while improving her web development abilities.

Since then, Lenora’s creative contribution has been featured on the cover of the South Florida Business Journal and the National Retail Federation e-book. As a trailblazer of her generation, Lenora was recognized as a Fire Starter through the W3RTech Initiative. She has also been featured as a panelist for Black Girls Code inspiring future creatives/coders through her story. With natural talent, determination, and resiliency she will transform the world one app at a time through her designs.

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