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Joseph McElroy

CEO, CTO, CMO at Galileo Tech Media

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Content, Technology, Travel SEO, & Inbound Marketing Expert. I am CEO of Galileo Tech Media which supports the Inbound Marketing efforts of In-House Agencies and Fast-Growing Businesses. I am an active entrepreneur with a deep network of entrepreneurs, programmers, marketers, funders, and potential audience members. I am proud that we have developed a company powerful enough to serve Fortune 500 companies like Marriott and nimble enough to work with start-ups
I am a graduate of Computer Science and Economics from Duke University and was a former team leader at IBM. At IBM I led the development of Internet Gateways that allowed Internet traffic to flow over IBM’s proprietary networks worldwide. While at IBM, I won IBM Division Award for Technical Excellence. I have been the CEO of several companies, and was responsible for raising $2 million to fund a startup company called EveryDay Office, which while part of the dot-com boom and bust, I managed to bring to profitability.

I am active culturally, including being a board member for the General Society of Mechanic’s & Tradesmen of the City of New York - a 226 year-old institution in Manhattan with a building on 20 West 44th Street. I recently was honored to be included on the Advisory Board of One Percent for Culture, an advocacy group supported by the major cultural institutions of New York City to advocate for 1 percent of city budget to go to culture.

From magazine “Open” - “The McElroys kick open the doors of old business models and capitalize on what they believe.”

I am also an internationally known artist with artwork collected by the New Museum and Cornell University library amongst others. I am the proud father of Ethan, who is currently attending UNC Wilmington.

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