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J Spinks

Freelance Creative Director at Motorganic

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As a graduate of Savannah College of Art and Design’s M.A. Design Management program, I believe in design thinking—the practice of synthesis of research and intuition to reframe challenging problems—as essential to creating competitive advantage. I’m seeking a role that will allow me to collaborate with a multidisciplinary team working on innovation, strategy or design research.

I am a strategic creative director with a diverse set of problem solving skills and a proven ability to assemble and mentor creative teams.

I believe great work begins with trust—without which, collaboration is impossible and chaos rules. Trust allows creative teams to thrive. It underpins the best sort of client relationships we have and allows us to move toward insightful, strategic solutions that deliver results.

To that end, I strive to create open working relationships where challenging the norm is expected and unexpected creativity is the result. I’ve done much of this while serving as a creative director and I learned a lot of it by not being afraid to take risks.

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