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Jason Permenter

Creative Director at Cake & Arrow (formerly Alexander Interactive)

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Jason Permenter is currently the Creative Director at Cake & Arrow (formerly known as Alexander Interactive). As such, he’s responsible for the overall creative vision for projects and the company, conceptualizing and producing compelling, experience-focused designs that fulfill the strategic objectives across multiple industries and digital platforms. Along with the entire creative discipline, he provides oversight and mentorship to project teams as a whole. And yep, that sounds exactly like something written specifically for a cut-and-pasted bio, but the thing is: it’s all true.

Previously, Jason was Director of Interactive at Carbone Smolan Agency in New York, where he similarly helped establish the strategic, conceptual, and stylistic direction on projects for clients and our interactive team and orchestrate their work. Before that, he was Group Design Director at Big Spaceship in Brooklyn, leading and ensuring the health of the entire design discipline along with providing direction and oversight on all client projects.

Jason also has several years of experience as a university professor and as an honest-to-goodness practicing volcanologist (it’s on his business card, even), which gave him an opportunity to hone his communication and presentation skills. As a result, he’s incredibly well-organized, patient, and a trained problem-solver (science!). Jason loves the challenge in finding new and innovative ways to explain difficult concepts, and he’s more than comfortable presenting to and connecting with clients at all levels, in any given setting, from first introductions in a new business setting, strategic workshops in the midst of a project engagement, or cocktails on a Tuesday night.

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