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Jade Nodinot

Junior Graphic Designer at Big Group


I have a degree in Graphic Design & Communication from a University in Paris that you’ve probably never heard of (Académie Charpentier) and I’ve recently obtained an MA in Graphic Design & Communication from UAL, Chelsea College of Art and Design. In order to play my video through water for my final Uni project I’ve created an interactive system using a VJ software which uses the body electricity conducted into the water as a trigger to play the video when you touch the water.

After my studies, I worked for different online companies such as (A dynamic online retailer sells all types of beverages including wine, spirits, beers and soft drinks) and Mobile5 (which is specialised in: Mobile Strategy, Rich Media mobile advertising, Mobile application design and build, Mobile site design and build, Mobile vouchering, Facebook application design and build, mCommerce, Mobile Solutions.) With them I’ve learned how to develop my digital, UX/UI skills by reacting to a brief within a short period of time and creating powerful designs across all digital platforms for companies such as: John Lewis, Kalixa, Channel 4, Sainsbury’s.

In addition to these positions, I’ve worked as a freelancer for food specialists helping them creating new businesses: finding a name, creating a logo, a brand and developing it across several materials. My most recent project was with Pachamama London ( an inspired Peruvian restaurant based in Marylebone.

Highlight of my summer: designing the London Eye pods outside and inside to promote MasterCard Rugby World Cup sponsorship.

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