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Daniel Kurdoghlian

Web-Developer at Pushing Pixels


Professional web designer and web developer
Technologies and languages with good or very good experience:

- PHP (WordPress, Laravel, CodeIgniter, Symphony, Typo3…)
- Python (Django)
- Ruby, Bash, Perl
- MySQL, Postgres, SQLite,..
- HTML5, CSS2/3 (+Less/Sass, Bootstrap, Material Design,…)
- JavaScript (jQuery, Zepto, Angular, React,…)
- Git, SVN, Mercurial
- Redis, Memcached, Firebase,..
- AWS, S3
- npm, Browserify, Grunt, Gulp, Bower, Babel, make, composer, Vagrant,..
- Apache, Nginx, Node, Phusion Passsenger,..

I also do server-management, -administration and provide anything domain and mail hosting related via Plesk. Linux only!

Distributions I have experience with:

- Ubuntu Server
- OpenSuse
- Suse Enterprise
- Arch Linux
- FreeBSD
- Debian

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