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Daniel Kenneth Gouw

Senior Designer / Branding at Neelkeen

Gmt 3

Designer, illustrator, technology enthusiast, creative, inspired by anyone who has something to teach and for great artists and scientist. Passionate about design, games, typography, technology, outstanding User Experience, visual identities and interactive development focused on users. British/Brazilian citizenship.

• More than 10 years in design/advertising/publishing industry
• Graphic designer for 6 years and now web/digital/mobile designer for 4 years.
• Experience with printing materials, printing process and high-quality ending.
• Branding specialist management, logo design and visual identity specialist.
• Solid knowledge of advertising and marketing strategies both in digital platforms and printed (offline) media.
• Heavy technology user, enthusiast and appreciator. Always updated with latest mobile technology and DIY tech such Arduino and coding-development robots.
• Good experience in leadership with small group of creative people regarding advertising and creative user experience (developers, copywriters and artists).
• Autodidact always. Softwares, apps, systems and languages taught by myself.

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