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Pankaj Nathani

Founder & Mobile Developer at VersionN Studios


Pankaj has been in the mobile industry for about 8 years now. Before starting up VersionN Studios, he has worked for companies like Nokia and Quikr, helping them develop their mobile app products. Back from the days when Symbian (Nokia) was the only app development platform, he brings in vast knowledge of different mobile platforms. He has worked on numerous mobile applications, some of them with a very large user base (30 million+ users) on various platforms viz. iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

Pankaj is an Open Source enthusiast who has collaborated with organizations like Google, UNESCO, Nokia and Microsoft on several occasions to provide mentorship to students, teachers and scientists around the world.

At VersionN Studios, Pankaj’s role is to work with early stage startups and entrepreneurs to convert their ideas into great mobile experiences.

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