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Unicorn at Apps by Chris

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In the last five minutes Chris has made, consumed and savored a fine cup of coffee crafted with the finest arabica beans, heavy whipping cream and raw sugar. It was delicious.

Prior to said coffee consumption Chris has spent the last sixteen years honing his design and development skills in the crucible of higher education, startups and open source. The angels weep for him. Daily.

Beginning with early contributions to WordPress Chris fell in love with open source software, joining the Apache Software Foundation as a commiter, and helping to found and guide various open source projects.

Best known for his majestic beard, he is equally skilled at design and development. Chris was a “unicorn” before it was cool… and had a name.

Through his writing, speaking and contributions to the larger internet community, Chris has forged a reputation for humility, expertise and above all else, a willingness to lend a hand.

The Fools.

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