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Brian Conway

Senior Golang Engineer at RCE Software, LLC

Gmt 6

I am a software engineer and back-end developer, specializing in RESTful APIs and scalable systems, with experience ranging from startups to enterprises. I have a strong background in Lean and Agile methodologies, delivering robust software in a rapid, iterative way.


Languages: Go (Golang), JRuby, Python, Java, Bourne shell

Technologies: RESTful API design and implementation, microservices, Swagger, Slate, AWS, Heroku, distributed systems, Ruby on Rails, Agile methodologies (development, testing, and continuous integration), Cassandra, PostgreSQL, Oracle, IPv6

Operating Systems: OpenBSD, Linux (Red Hat/CentOS, Ubuntu), Mac OS X, FreeBSD


resflash - Resilient OpenBSD images for flash memory

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