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Senthil Kumar Rajendren

Entrepreneur/Web Developer at BrandFlip


Hey, I’m Senthil Rajendren (Senthil for short), a young Entrepreneur, Web Developer and Domainer from Chennai, India with around 10 years industry experience.

I’ve been building websites for the past 10 years since 2005. I started to learn programming with the help of and developed my first website ( in 2005. Later I became a co-founder of 2tion & created many versions of the same website until 2007 with various web technologies.

Then after the acquisition of (2009), I started working as a freelance web developer and created few social web applications such as,, etc.

Also I have a big love for domains and I’m buying and selling domain names as a part-time domainer since 2009. I founded to support my domain business in 2014, where we sell premium domain names for startups and businesses. Also we help other domainers to list and sell domains through BrandFlip.

I started geekful, a social community for tech geeks in the late 2014, to provide the community with latest tech news, deals, resources and more.

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