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Sadie Coughlin- Prego

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I first started to develop an interest in technology while I was doing large scale paintings in the warehouse of a hackerspace in Madison, WI. While painting I started to get curious about what the geeks fueling themselves with red bull were doing in the room around the corner. Ever since my involvement with Sector67 I’ve been very fascinated with the infinite possibilities of technology. Technology is something that should be tinkered with and explored collaboratively - not just consumed and discarded. I sort of fell into technology and have always been a computer scientist with the insight and perspective of an artist / builder. Computer science has been one of the most challenging fields I have studied, however coming from this unique background it has made me an incredibly well rounded person. I am able to understand abstract computational theory, design and program sensor platforms, as well as have in depth conversations with technologists or explain complexities to the non technical. I have lived in different parts of the USA as well as in Europe and Latin America (my hometown is Granada, Nicaragua), for this reason I collaborate well with all kinds of people coming from all backgrounds. I have a lot of passion and integrity for the things I believe in and I communicate my thoughts / ideas clearly and upfront. I believe in genuine honesty, creativity, and community engagement. I love working with my hands (whether it be with a paintbrush, soldering iron, or shovel) and have a lot of potential - I am very eager to learn and work more within the fluid fields of art, tech, media theory, design, and community sustainability. Let’s work together!

Currently in Madison, WI however relocating to NYC this Spring.Please feel free to shoot me an email if you have any questions or would like to see my resume.

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