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Mariano Tardon

Visual Artist & Designer at Bitmonlab


I’m a Visual Artist & Designer from Madrid (Spain). As far as I can remember I used to love doing drawings all day everyday when I was little, and still today, to make a long story short, at around the age of 16, after Art High School, I decided to start studying a degree on Illustration and Graphic Design in an Art Public school called: “Escuela de artes y oficios nÂș 10”, also known as “artediez”. After my Illustration and Graphic Design studies, and several jobs, when I was about to turn 24, I came across with web design, just before 2003, and it was love at first sight.

Having to define oneself as an Artist & Designer is always a very difficult task but if I had to do it I would say: an Artist & Designer who has been always looking for originality without forgettting simplicity and bearing in mind consistency through details. Highly passionated about colour, shape, typography, whitespace, balance, icons, buttons, CSS, small details, etc…

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