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Lee Sylvester

Senior Software Engineer / Tech Lead at XirSys


Lee has worked as a full stack developer since 1999, working remotely for US companies since 2007 and as a distributed applications architect for web and IoT since 2011.

An expert in JavaScript, Erlang / OTP and Golang, as well as many, many other platforms, Lee is able to realise any project requirement with accuracy and speed. Lee relishes research and development projects, where he can pull off the impossible. Lee has a natural flare for integrating seemingly incompatible technologies.

Although not a designer, Lee has a great eye for design, having studied illustration and visual communications at College and University. He has years of experience creating successful user experiences and working as an animator and games developer.

Lee has excellent written and verbal communication skills. He is adept at project management as well as applications architecture and has leadership experience both onsite and remote.

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