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Kescheler Nix-Powell

Digital Marketer at Currently Looking For A New Role

  • New York City, NY
  • United States

After graduating from Georgia Southern University, I started off as an intern with MC Media Works Marketing and The Starfire Group Events. Both proved to invaluable learning experiences that catapulted me into the strategic marketing and social media industry. After completing another internship with the Atlanta Braves, I floated a bit, not really working or growing like I should have been. That changed when I was hired for Mob Scene Creative + Productions, to work onsite, hand and hand with the Directors of Consumer Marketing for Cartoon Network. Face to face with client and with a hearty job role, I excelled and impressed during my contract, helping launch a successful mini-series and Instagram for the brand. Check out a few of my highlights below:

-Project manager for several successful website redesigns with client accounts reaching over 151% increase in views month over month.
-Working with multiple brand managers and establishing key relationships while touching a digital media community footprint of over 100 million for Cartoon Network.
-Leading a digital team and collaborating with Fortune 500 clients to promote social media presence and brand awareness through targeted campaigns.
-Curating ideas and content that build brand voice and leverage client relationships for new business. 

-Day-to-day digital brand management of major brands such as Cartoon Network, STOK Grills, RYOBI Power Tools, among others.

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