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Jason Carney

JavaScript Web Developer at JBCarney LLC

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I am looking for a great JavaScript web development team to work with. I have been building web applications for over 20 years working with huge companies, small companies and everything in between. I have enjoyed developing front end, back end and full stack web applications and mostly my experiences have been great.

I believe that a good JavaScript developer should not only be able to write good code, but also be able to orchestrate a solid JavaScript development environment.
A well-structured development environment provides rapid feedback on your work, quickly reporting on any linting, testing, or compilation errors the moment that you hit save. When you push code to the Git origin repository the build should automatically run integration tests.
Here is a list of everything that should automatically happen so the developer can focus on writing great code:
Package Management, Build Automation, Transpiling, Bundling, Linting, Testing, Continuous Integration, Production Build, Minification, Sourcemaps, Cache Busting, Error Logging, Separation of UI and API.
A great JavaScript development environment makes doing the right thing the easy thing and they increase application quality because doing the right thing becomes the easy thing, it’s automatic.
If that is the kind of environment your team has or is striving to implement something similar, then I would really enjoy working for your company.

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