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Emily Kirkegaard

Graphic Designer at freelance

Gmt 5

I combine a specialized training in typography and visual communication to craft compelling, original designs. I focus on bespoke websites for small businesses, tailored to capture the attention of your ideal customers or users. I can also provide logo design and vector illustrations as needed. With experience in web development myself, I understand the importance of providing detailed specs alongside high-quality design files, according to the projects (.ai, .eps, .tiff, .jpg, .gif, .png, .pdf; both CMYK and RGB color modes). Your developers will thank me.

Is information design a part of your project? I also bring years of experience in data visualization to the table, and have worked with leading names in the industry. Integrate beautiful, hand-crafted graphs and other displays with web designs to convince your audience with data, or use in infographics or presentation slides.

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