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Chanelle Henry

Director of User Experience at Bluewolf

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I am a UX Practitioner that possesses a multi-disciplinary skill set including implementing my own personal methodology to fully understand a company’s vision to execution.

With a background in Psychology, Computer Science and cybersecurity, Art Direction & Design, I also have a passion for problem solving and creating methodologies that help outline, encourage and propel the UX Process. I use creative and innovative solutions to execute ideas while consulting with everyone from startups to Fortune 50 companies to help refine their goals, make progress, and develop a UX strategy.

These skills include but aren’t limited to:

- Contextual Research

- Ethnography / Field studies

- User Testing/Surveys/Focus Groups & Analysis

- Requirements Gathering

- Competitive/Comparative Analysis

- User Persona Modeling

- Information Architecture

- Wireframes & User Interface Design

I believe in the power of design and feel that it can honestly change the world, our attitudes, and how we interact with not only technology but each other. I hope to speak at TED one day.

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