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Alexandr Cherednichenko

CTO / Full-Stack JavaScript Developer / Architect at CoVi Analytics

  • Russian Federation
  • Russia

I am a Full-Stack JavaScript Developer / Architect.

I love my job.
Even if I had the different occupation, I would be “writing” something in my spare time.
I love to do things right but I know that sometimes the delivery date is way more valuable for the business, than the good architecture.

I like to work in dynamic startup environment as a part of relatively small team where my qualities are valuable and in demand.
I love the process of the new product development, passing through all challenging development stages with the team - starting from the early concept and finishing with the polished high quality product delivery.

Key qualities:
- Analytical mindset
- Proficiency in software architecture design, programming principles / patterns
- Always up to date with latest technologies and best-practices.
- Rapid learning and problem-solving skills

My expertise:
Development of large scale web applications using Angular from scratch.
Web Application Architecture.
JS development team leadership

Some achievements:
Built a number of large complex web applications from scratch.
Learned Angular.js from the source code in 2012 and using it in production until now.
Precisely tracking the JS community news since 2013.

Main Skills:
- Software Design Patterns & Principles (SOLID, GRASP, DRY, KISS, … )
- Microservices
- MVC, MVVM, …
- Flux, CQRS
- UML, MBPN, etc.
- CI / DevOps
- JavaScript (ES5 - current ES.Stage0)
- TypeScript
- Dart
- Babel, TSC, WebPack, JSPM
- Grunt, Gulp, npm scripts
- Angular 1.x
- Angular 2
- Tape, Painless, QUnit, Protractor, Karma, Mocha, Sinon, Supertest, …
- HTML, CSS (Stylus, SASS, LESS, …)
- Web Components
- Node
- Mongo
- RabbitMQ
- Express
- StrongLoop

Secondary Skills:
- MySQL, Postgres
- Redis
- Ruby (RoR, RSpec)
- Python
- Bash
- React

Desired salary:
- 6500$/month
- 40$/h

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